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  • PIGEON :)
    PIGEON :)

    Rescued pigeon is urgently seeking his safe new home. Our compassionate shop team managed to spot this pigeon as a baby in the teeth of a cat on the street & pulled him out. While I was sceptical the pigeon would live with his wounds & stress endured, my staff cared for him scrupulously & nursed him back to perfect health. Now that the pigeon is safe & sound, he no longer fears neither humans nor other animals (due to being raised in a pet store, always crowded with people & their or our pets). We also doubt he can find food outside as "wild" pigeons do... We have limited space in the shop for birds & feel it is unfair to the pigeon to be confronted to the cage while we cannot release him back to the streets. Can you offer him permanent home & stress-free life?? If you think you are confident to enjoy a pet less ordinary, please give us a call on 04-3418085 or just visit us!

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