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At Pets Habitat we used to occasionally sell small pet birds and parrots. However, the demand for such pets has declined over the years, especially in areas of Dubai we serve, combined with most buyers inability to invest time and money into proper care of such pets. Therefore, we have recently stopped selling birds in our store in order to reduce needless stress on such creatures. We welcome inquires for specific birds / parrots and can attempt to source one for you through our sources if we can.    
  • PIGEON :)

    Rescued pigeon is urgently seeking his safe new home. Our compassionate shop team managed to spot this pigeon as a baby in the teeth of a cat on the street & pulled him out. While I was sceptical the pigeon would live with his wounds & stress endured, my staff cared for him scrupulously & nursed him back to perfect health. Now that the pigeon is safe & sound, he no longer fears neither humans nor other animals (due to being raised in a pet store, always crowded with people & their or our pets). We also doubt he can find food outside as "wild" pigeons do... We have limited space in the shop for birds & feel it is unfair to the pigeon to be confronted to the cage while we cannot release him back to the streets. Can you offer him permanent home & stress-free life?? If you think you are confident to enjoy a pet less ordinary, please give us a call on 04-3418085 or just visit us!

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