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Pets Habitat remains concerned about stray cats on UAE streets. Our first emphasis is to encourage everyone to adopt/rescue a cat or kitten if possible. Sadly, we always have cats and kittens available for adoption, abandoned by their owners (never our customers!) or those born on the streets, some have been injured and “fixed” by our vet, others were ill and treated by us… When we first opened our doors in 2007, the idea was to never sell a feline at all. However, through the past years, we’ve also understood that pedigree cats have their own characteristics sought by many cat and pet enthusiasts, and everyone has right of choice of their pet for their own reasons. Therefore, we do have pedigree kittens available for sale from time to time, while we always have cats for adoption. We prefer to purchase kittens from UAE based breeders instead of importing whenever possible, but some breeds are just not available locally. We strictly observe the same ethics in importing our kittens as we do with puppies (please read our Importing & Selling page), and we follow the same steps with locally purchased kittens to ensure the parents as well as kittens meet our comprehensive health screening standard to eliminate any health issues. We ensure your pure breed kitten will be a pleasant addition to your family and not just a liability coupled with frequent veterinary visits.

All our prices are inclusive of VAT.  Installment payment plan is available.

  • SMOKEY - Persian girl

    FINAL PRICE AED 3,600 

    Smokey is a beautiful Persian kitten girl, bred and raised in UAE. She has been vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and confirmed 100% healthy by independently practising veterinary doctor. She is now available at Pets Habitat store and waiting for her new family.

    Please read “Breed Information Link” above for more info our beautiful Persian kittens for sale...

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  • BAGHEERA - Bengal kitten

    These are our first UAE born and bred, authentic Bengal kittens from exceptional quality and personality, imported parents (parents details are available). Bagheera has been thoroughly vet checked and given clean bill of health by independently practicing veterinary doctor (comprehensive report is available). She has her own passport with microchip and vaccinations, and she is shortly available to go home after her mandatory by UAE law Rabies vaccination.

    Please read “Breed Information Link” above for more info about our Bengal kittens for sale...

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