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Name MOCHA - Siamese girl
Age DOB: 15/07/2013
Price AED 8,600
Breed Siamese
Breed information link Click Here
Origin UAE
Availability Sold
Owner suitability Apartment / Villa
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SPECIAL PRICE AED 6,020 after 30% discount + gift voucher worth AED 500 of pet products!

Affectionate & social, Siamese is among the most popular as well as among the oldest known breeds in the world. Renowned for their curious & lively disposition, Siamese are also very loving, forming strong bond with usually just one of their human companions. Unique characteristic of this breed is their vocalization, often described as “talkative”, Siamese can be “bubbly” & demanding with their persistent yet delicate “meow”.

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Siamese kittens for sale in Dubai, UAE