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Name BOURBON - British Shorthair boy
Age 4 months
Price AED 5,600
Breed British Shorthair
Breed information link Click Here
Origin UAE
Availability Sold
Owner suitability Apartment / Villa
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British Shorthair is an easygoing cat breed; they tend to be safe around children as they will tolerate a fair amount of physical interaction and hiss or scratch very rarely. They have a stable character and take well to being kept as indoor-only cats, making them ideal for apartment living. They are not terribly demanding of attention, though they will let their owner know if they feel like playing. They often prefer to sit close to their owners rather than on them.

British Shorthairs are wonderful cats for people who work, as they are very happy to simply laze around the house while their owner is out. They do not get destructive or need other animals for company, though they do enjoy having another British Shorthair or a cat with similar temperament around.

They are not a very vocal breed but will meow to communicate with their owners, for example when they are hungry and their food is being prepared. Some do not mind being cuddled, but most prefer to keep four paws on the ground and be patted rather than picked up. (Wikipedia)

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British Shorthair kittens for sale in Dubai