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Name Siberian kittens
Age DOB: 22 March 2018
Price AED 6,900 including VAT
Breed Siberian
Breed information link Click Here
Origin UAE
Availability Sold
Owner suitability apartment / villa
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We are lucky to have another opportunity to offer you UAE expat bred absolutely cutest Siberian kittens, raised with love and care by a pet loving family. These kittens have been vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and confirmed 100% healthy, they are ready to go to their new families now.  ONLY 2 KITTENS AVAILABLE NOW, boy & girl.

Siberian, an uncommon cat breed, is considered hypoallergenic, in felines meaning this breed may cause less allergic reactions than other cats. (However, if you have strong allergies towards cats or pets in general, we, at Pets Habitat, advise against all cat breeds, unless you are willing to live with antihistamines in your drawer. Please consider hypoallergenic puppy breed instead or other smaller pet animals.) With Russian ancestry, Siberians are among most intelligent of all cat breeds and have unique characteristic for solving tasks and surprising their owners with their intellectual abilities. Popular with Russian politicians, Siberians are affectionate and talkative. They are also a hardy breed, energetic and strong built, known to be skilled jumpers.

Please read “Breed Information Link” above for more info about our Siberian kittens for sale...