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Name JACKY - rare Italian Greyhound girl
Age DOB: 27 May 2018
Price Now AED 11,900 after DISCOUNT (incl. VAT) + SPECIAL OFFER, (was AED 13,900)
Breed Italian Greyhound
Breed information link Click Here
Origin Italy
Availability Sold
Owner suitability apartment / villa
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OUR LAST & ONLY ITALIAN GREYHOUND PUPPY, EVER! Did you know Italian Greyhounds are HYPOALLERGENIC??! They have very thin coat that hardly sheds & this breeds almost never drools! Some consider Italian Greyhound as ultimate apartment dog, because they are very quiet, do not shed or chew up the furniture like other dog breeds do, and they are actually couch potatoes (and they want to sleep on your bed :))! Although every dog needs time outdoors, even briefly, and Italian Greyhound much prefers warm climates, as they cannot tolerate cold weather. This breed is much attached to the kids and extremely loyal to their family, they do not like being left alone for hours. Our breeder of this Italian Greyhound puppy has three kids, and the parents of Jacky are always with the children wherever they go!

Jacky & her brother Nerone are our very first Italian Greyhound puppies from Italy, with original ENCI pedigrees!! We have been looking at this breed for some time now, but could not find professional, ethical breeder in Italy to work with until a while ago, when we came across the breeder of these two amazing puppies. These Italian Greyhound siblings have been bred and raised within busy family household with three kids, they are extremely well socialised. Jacky has been observed to be somewhat of a dominant, confident girl (while her brother Nerone is more of a shy, curious boy). We have endless supply of parents and family photos, breeder info and parents background details are available. Please read how we do it. The puppies have just arrived from Malpensa with Emirates airline a few days ago, and now are at our store, available to go home. Please read FAQ to understand our ethics and prices.
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