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Name IGGY - Maltese girl
Age DOB: 4 June 2018
Price AED 13,900 (including VAT)
Breed Maltese
Breed information link Click Here
Origin Italy
Availability Sold
Owner suitability apartment / villa
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Full of life Maltese is known as active and responsive little dog, who is not just fearless despite its small size, but at the same time is also extremely charming, intelligent, loving, gentle and social with children, adults and other pets. These cuddly fair creatures are surprisingly low maintenance (aside from daily brushing & bi-monthly salon grooming) and fit perfectly well in an apartment or in a villa. Maltese have minimal to no shedding at all and are on top of the list of breeds suitable for allergy sufferers.

This beautiful only Maltese girl (her brother has been sold within same day of arrival) was selected among several other litters by the owner of Pets Habitat LLC and her husband, then shipped by Emirates from Milan to Dubai. We have done our research on the breeder, seen both parents, have their photos and know breeder's background (all these details are available at our store or by email Please read how we do it. All our puppies are bred and born with ethics, love and care within their human family. The breeder of this Maltese puppy only breeds a litter or two per year at the most to adhere to strict animal welfare ethics practised in Italy. Please read FAQ to understand our ethics and prices.

Please read “Breed Information Link” above for more info about our Maltese puppies for sale...